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Whether it be a blocked drain Kent, blocked toilet, blocked sink, gully, manhole, soakaway, shower or any other drainage blockage – Fedurco Drainage Solutions can help.

Blocked drains Kent

Blocked Drains in Kent or Drain blockages can occur in many parts of a home – sinks, baths, showers, gullies, and drains – and always when you least expect it! At Fedurco Drainage Solutions, our local team of professional drainage engineers use the latest technologies to provide fast resolutions when you need help most.

We can unblock any type of drain located in Kent both inside and outside of the home, including manholes. Our ability to tackle any blocked drain has made us the top local choice for drain unblocking services in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Drain unblocking company Kent

Drain unblocking Company local to Kent. Fedurco Drainage Solutions Ltd., we hold our team to the highest possible standards to ensure that you are always satisfied with our work.

Whether it is a blocked sink or broken sewer lining, we always carry out the most cost-effective solutions competently and quickly. We offer our clients full quotes during the planning stages of any project, so that you always know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Be it blocked toilets, blocked sinks and baths, blocked showers and pipes, blocked sewers or any type of drainage blockage, and whatever causes of that blockage are including grass, slit, food wastage, broken pipes, heavy rain or storms, incorrect pipe installation, hair, soap, fats or tree roots Fedurco Drainage Solutions can perfectly fix it once and for all.

24 hour blocked drain services Kent

We provide a full 24-hour emergency drain repair service across Kent, Kent. Dealing with a blocked toilet or a leaky pipe on Christmas day is no one’s ideal holiday, but help is always at hand with our 365-day availability.

• Blocked drain
• Blocked sink
• Blocked toilet
• Blocked pipe / plug hole
• Blocked soakaway
• Blocked manhole
• Blocked gully South

24/7 Emergency blocked drainage services

This means that when disaster strikes, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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